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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still waiting...

We are still waiting for the window guys to come fix the transoms under the porch, and that is keeping the brick guys from being able to finish all the brick. However, they are able to get started on the stone while they wait. Here is a sneak peek.

Here is another view of the difference in mortar color when it first goes on. The top really is so much darker than the bottom...I'm thankful that we were able to see it on the storage building first to know that it would lighten up!
They're almost finished bricking around the other windows.
Moving inside, you can see they've put the walls up in the laundry room...
...and the kitchen!
It is so much brighter in here now that all the dark wood is covered. It is also extremely dusty as you can tell in several of these pictures. This is the pantry...
The sun room...
Here's the dining room. In this picture I'm standing in the dining room looking towards the back yard. There is always so much stuff stored in this room that it is hard to get a full shot of what the room will actually look like. You may have to be surprised by the finished product!
This is our room...
and bathroom...
Here is the entrance to the walk in shower. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
Our room also has an doorway to the sun room.
The garage is all they have left to hang before the mudders start.
Chipper, our friendly neighbor, came over to check things out. (look at those eyes!) He's pretty good about cleaning up around the construction guys' lunch area for us. 
He stayed this close to me the whole time. Thanks Neighbors for sharing your sweet pet. 
Chipper, you  can help  me to convince Husband that we need a dog.

Just a little bit more work to do to finish up the outside.
They've really done a lot in 3 months!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adventures in dry wall

Confession. I'm a post hoarder. I will upload all my pictures, sometimes edit them, and type nice captions over all the photos, and then have the habit of hitting 'save as draft' instead of 'post to blog.' So here it and many others has been sitting for about a week. So, from Saturday, September 25th:

Soon all this mess will be covered up. That's right! It's dry wall time!!!
We'll just do a quick photo tour of the DRY WALL!
Diva's bathroom:
Left side of Diva's room that has linen closet, door to the bathroom, and the cubby area to attic access.
Right side of Diva's room...
G's room:
...and closet.
The outside of G's room from the foyer.
Hallway looking into the guest room:
Inside guest room
Really bright sunset from Diva's room:
The girls' loft area:
Attic access. (Nothing exciting about this, I just thought it looked an access to the clouds...)

Things that will make Husbands cry (okay, so maybe not so much cry...but really, really frustrated)
...rather large pieces of dry wall in piles on the floor:
I'll add this to my list of 'Love Notes'
2nd floor (outside of Diva's room) view from the living room...
2nd floor hallway...
Oh, and this guy has reappeared. We found him in the kitchen...
...and then moved him to the scaffolding.

Wonder how the other contractors will react to him?!?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things that make you go 'hmmmmm?'

I am sure the C&C Music Factory had this in mind when they wrote that song.
Hmmmmm. What could that camper possibly be pulling down the highway?!?!
 Let's stalk pull up beside them to get a closer look.
Still kinda difficult to make it out...
 Oh! Now I see!!
Hi there, Lady Liberty! How do you feel about terrorists? 
Me too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Week

This week starts Birthday Week for G. Please let me tell you that she has been keeping us updated with an ongoing countdown on our dry erase board. While the girls were away this weekend, we decorated her bedroom door for the week long celebration. Tuesday night we will head to Husband's parents'  house (Mimi and Grandpa) to celebrate the October birthdays...because all but one of their grand kids have October birthdays!!

 The ribbon is a lot cuter up close, and pink just so happens to be G's favorite color (at the moment).
 Husband had a mild heart attack when he realized that his baby will be turning 11!
 (a tween as she informed us)
Please pray for him as we approach the end of October when his first born will be turning 15. He may not handle it very well :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love notes from sub-contractors

I started to notice little notes scribbled across the house. At first their purpose was to label the piles, and then they began to pop up all over the place.
I love that this one is crossed out and replaced with...
...this answer! ahahaha!
Some notes barked orders from the boss....
...while other notes made my head spin. Electrician had to come walk through and translate what box would control which light for me.
Question marks probably aren't such a good sign, right? I mean, if they don't know, who does!?!?
Now, some notes were pretty self explanatory...
and others are written in foreign languages....
or hieroglyphics.
Thank you to the author of this one! We'd all like to know what you found out?
Diva decided to leave a note of her own.
I have saved my personal favorite for last. See him?
The brick team got creative and drew this guy in the brick dust that accumulated on the windows.
Boys will be boys.