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Monday, May 19, 2014

What a blur

The past few months really have flown by. I'm pretty sure I just finished wrapping Christmas presents yesterday, so how is it mid MAY already?? After the rush of Valentine's Day and Small's Birthday extravaganza, I had the hopes of things settling down a bit. Little did I know, things were just ramping up! We moved right into G's JV softball season with games at least twice a week. Toss in Diva's senior end-of-school events and some family health issues and BOOM! Here we are. 

My brother and I spent many a summer day at Mawmaw's (Mom's mom) apartment watching David the Gnome, Maya the Bee, The Elephant Show, and all the other fabulous 90s Nick Jr shows. Mawmaw had air conditioning AND cable! Two things we didn't have at home! We were living the dream!!! However, please note that this dream life had a mandatory outside break from 11:30-3 so that Mawmaw could watch her "soaps." During this outside time, we would play in the yard and be careful to avoid the 7,000 flowers planted all over the place! After Guiding Light, we were back in business with Hey Dude, Doug, and let's not forget the creepiest show ever, Are You Afraid of the Dark!

Earlier this year, Mawmaw had some serious health issues that needed a pretty serious surgery. It was scary considering her age and not-so-healthy body, but that woman showed us what she was made of! Not only did she make it through surgery, but she soared through recovery like a champ and was back home in no time! That's just how she rolls!

At the end of April, Mawmaw started to get sick again and was not doing well at all. I packed my bags...expecting a full recovery, but preparing for the worst. During my drive up, they moved Mawmaw from the nursing home to the hospital. Still, in the back of my mind, I was thinking "oh, good! The hospital. She does well in there. She'll be good to go in no time!"

Sadly that was not the case this time. When I got to the hospital that Sunday afternoon, she was heavily sedated and struggling for breath. My Mom and Aunt and Uncle had been there all day and the night before, so they agreed to let me spend the night while they all got some much needed rest. 

First of all, let me just tell you that nothing says 'hello, I'm a legit adult now' quite like spending an uncertain evening at the hospital with your sick Mawmaw. Secondly, the nurses came in and out every other hour, so there was no sleeping. Oh, aaaaand it was supposed to be a very stormy night! So, between my book, the weather channel, and lots of prayers Mawmaw and I made it through the night. 

Uncle Bruce came back to the hospital around 4:30 the next morning and while we were talking, her heart started to slow down and she peacefully passed away. It is like she was waiting on Uncle Bruce to get there so I wouldn't be there alone. From that moment on, I guess adrenaline kicked in and put me in task mode, because I'm not really sure how I kept going for two days with only a couple of naps at the hospital. 

This was the last picture we had taken of the four of us. You can tell by her sneaky little grin, that Mawmaw was feeling good that day and enjoyed seeing her great grand daughter, and it's that grin that I want to remember :)

We had a great week full of support from friends and family and lots of fun memories of Mawmaw, who was quite the Diva herself...back in the day! That next week Smalls and I went back to my parents' house to help out while Dad had a heart cath and Mom had a treatment. They are both doing well and hopefully everyone will stay out of the hospital now for a while!  

After about two weeks away, we're home and now in full swing graduation mode with Diva, so things have yet to slow down, but we're making it! I'm just taking things one day at a time and choosing to see the good in every situation and praising the Lord for all the opportunities He gives us to show us His Love for us. Thank you all for your continued prayers for our family. We are feeling them!