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Friday, March 30, 2012

Afternoon with Daddy

What is it about seeing a man with a baby that just melts your heart? I love to watch Husband with our baby girl and she certainly loves him. As you can see, she already has him wrapped around her finger!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Birth Story

** Before we get started, you have to know that Crumb's birthday week was also Diva's HUGE, 300-point, Spanish project week. I mean, we're talking at least 10 posters, all in Spanish, all about a trip to a foreign country. This would have been a tough project in English! We were all praying that the Crumb would hold on till after the project was due. As it turned out, the 22nd was the date for her presentation. Her teacher let her go first and then she and G checked out and headed to the hospital. They were expecting to be at the hospital just before 1:00. **

2:22 am   
Woke up early to get ready and have breakfast before heading to the hospital. The best advice that I received was to EAT before because there are no meals once they get the ball rolling.

3:10 am
Car seat loaded and on the road to the hospital. On the hour drive there I kept waiting for it to actually hit me that we were just a few hours away from having a baby!!!

4:10 am
Arrived fashionably late to the hospital, made it through ER security, and headed to the 4th floor for labor and delivery. At about 4:30 I was doing paperwork in my room while Husband held down the fort in the waiting room. I had the sweetest nurses that calmed my nerves and were gentle with the IV---which I was more afraid of than actual labor!
5:00 am
The Pitocin was dripping and contractions were slowly starting. There is a group of women from Troy that all use Dr. Reed and he refers to this group as his Troy naturally, I had to wear my tiara when he came in for the first time.

6:00 am
Just over 3cms dilated and waiting... I could feel the contractions, but they were pretty mild. I planned to get an epidural, but didn't want to ask for it too soon.

7:00 am
5 cms dilated and Dr. Reed came in to break my water. Now, THAT was the weirdest sensation of the entire experience. I felt like I was laying on puppy pads and that someone poured a bucket of warm water in my lap. Gross, I know, BUT...It didn't hurt! At this time, he also suggested that I go ahead and request the epidural, so I did.
9:00 am
They upped my Pitocin and the contractions started coming faster and stronger. I'm so glad that I requested the epidural when I did, because it didn't come immediately. I didn't think that the contractions were that bad. I mean, they were uncomfortable, but it still wasn't the level of pain that I was expecting. I just knew that I did not want to know what the next level of contractions felt like!

10:00 to around 12-ish
Dave, the epidural guy, finally came in and it was time to get started. I was extremely, um, well...terrified of getting the epidural. Dave explained the process while I pretended to listen to him. I had no idea that they would numb the area with a little shot before actually sticking you with the big, scary needle! Hello! Somebody should have told me that!!! After that, the epidural was a piece of cake! I only freaked out a bit when just my right side went numb. I could still feel contractions on my left side and could still move my left leg. The nurse moved some pillows under my right side to help the medicine 'run' to the left and that fixed that. They told us to take naps and rest up before the big event. (yeah, okay)

Sometime after that friends and family started to arrive and we all hung out in my delivery room. Everyone was watching the contraction monitor and telling me when the off the chart contractions were happening. I was just thankful that I couldn't feel those! Around 12, the nurse came back in to check me and everyone was banished to the hallway. About this time, my doctor called and the nurse reported that I was at 9cm. He said to start pushing, he was on his way!!! Everyone scurried to get their belongings from my room and head to the waiting room to await the arrival of this little one!

Dr. Reed came in and we were already in full swing pushing mode. He and Husband were cracking jokes in between pushes and I was fairly certain that I would laugh this baby out. I had pushed for 30 minutes when he said we had one more big push to go. About that time, the baby's vitals dropped off the monitor and Dr. Reed got really serious. He told me that the baby was in distress, which could mean that the cord was wrapped around its neck, and he needed to get it out now with the vacuum tool. I was concerned by his 'serious' face and trusted that he knew what was best.

Then we heard the most precious little cry and knew that everything was okay. Dr. Reed said 'Its a GIRL' and I was so relieved that she was OKAY!!

Believe it or not, Husband actually cut the cord! He's normally rather queasy in these situations, so I was really impressed. He then followed her over to be cleaned up while Dr. Reed and I finished up.

I can't explain the overwhelming emotions... I was so thankful that she was here, healthy, perfect, and mine! Wow...My child...Wait...I have a child! Now what? Instruction manual, please?!!!

We were instantly smitten with this little girl! Husband is now totally surrounded by girls and couldn't be happier about it! He is such an amazing girl daddy and this little one already has him wrapped around her little finger!

While we were deciding on her name, Dr. Reed went out to the waiting room to announce that we had a baby and that IT was healthy. After he teased the family by not telling them what the baby was, he brought the girls back to our room. They were the first to know that Macy Claire was here and got to hold her.

Our first family photo

Husband and the girls went to the waiting room to FINALLY tell the family and bring everyone in to meet our girl! Now, what you've been waiting




Little Grandmother meeting her great grand daughter
Four generations

MC all "pinked up"

Sassy came down to celebrate

Unca Jon

Aunt Shelley

My Little Grandmother

We finally talked Papa into holding her

Little Kindal

Aunt Nanie

Meeting her cousins

All the cousins

Meme with her grand kids

All snuggled up

Our family

Macy and Mommy

Wearing a dress picked out by Sisters

All bundled up and ready to go home!

Its a girl!!!

One excited Sister

Just a little cat nap

The entire labor and delivery experience was truly wonderful. The only little hiccup was when I had to stand up for the first time. I might have passed out in the little girl's room. The last thing I remembered was telling the nurse that I felt dizzy and hearing her call for Husband to get in there now. He said I looked up at him and then slumped completely over. I woke up with them carrying me back to the bed. I had to be hooked back up to the IV and was given another bag of fluids. I had to stay in the recovery room a couple of more hours, but was finally able to get to my room that evening. If that was the only thing that happened, then I consider myself really blessed! We appreciate all the prayers that went out on our behalf! They were certainly answered!!! I'm thankful to be at home for the next 12 weeks with our sweet girl.

Friday, March 2, 2012

One week later...

What a difference a week makes...



Now, you have to remember that I'm the girl that does not get all mushy over babies or wants to hold them all the fact, I'd never even changed a diaper before. It is so crazy to think that I'm a mom!! Unreal that I've had a baby for an entire week...and that I'm completely smitten!! I mean totally in love and can't keep my hands off this little girl!

We are adjusting to our new life and, thankfully, Husband was able to take a week off from work to spend at home with us. He was also able to go to her first doctor's appointment. The check up went really well, despite our three hour wait. MC is back up to her birth weight and, just as we suspected, is absolutely perfect!!!

I already can't imagine my life without her! I'm probably going to drive you all crazy with pictures of her smiling face....but it can't be helped! I'll start now :)