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Thursday, May 24, 2012

G's awards day

Its the end of the year and with that brings awards programs. This is the end of G's 6th grade year and she made the A-B Honor Roll.

Its hard to believe that just 5 years ago she was calling me to come over and read 1st grade stories with her! We've traded in Cinderquacker and spelling tests for reports and class projects!  

She's a smart girl and we're so proud of her!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Day of "School"

Twelve weeks really flies by when it is applied to a maternity leave. May 21st was here before I was ready and it was time to take CeeLo for her first day of school. Calling it school makes it much easier than calling it daycare! Now, I didn't officially start back to work until the 23rd, so Monday and Tuesday were practice days for me. I knew I could go pick her up early or sneak in just to look at her if I couldn't make it a whole day!

I did pretty well if I do say so myself! I snapped this pic in the car seat on our way out the door. She didn't have a clue that I was about to leave her! That afternoon, her teacher said she had a great day and was a sweet little girl. (duh!)

Just look how happy she was to see her Mama when we picked her up after my first day back at work!!!

I could eat those chubby cheeks up!!!

I'm pretty sure she was telling me not to ever leave her again.

Sweet, sweet smiles make coming home so much fun!!!

Its the highlight of my day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Bachelorette

It seems like practically all my friends that have had babies in the last year have all had boys. All the ones born around the time of CeeLo have been boys except for one. Which means that, when she's 30 and can date, CeeLo will have plenty of suitors to choose from.

While we were off, we stopped by to visit some of these fellows. It was like The Bachelorette! First up...
Meet Baby BG! His mom and I work together and we were due exactly a week apart.

She is originally from Mexico City and we were all really excited for her when her mom was allowed to enter the country AND stay for 3 months to help her with the baby. On the day I stopped by, Mom prepared the most delicious Mexican food that I've ever tasted. I begged her to come move in with me, ...but she didn't speak a lick of English, so I didn't get very far with my requests.

He's a cutie pie and looks just like his Mama!
(and check out my newly developed muscle. Thank you 100 lb car seat!)

Bachelor #2...Baby C. His mom is my Chi Omega Big Sister, so these two are destined to be a part of each other's lives. As you can tell, they were very impressed with each other. It was funny because one would cry and then the other would try to cry louder. This dialog went on for a bit as they weren't quite sure what to think of each other. (CeeLo looks like a giant next to 2 week old Baby C!)

Eventually they did chill out and perhaps even grew to like each other. Only time will tell...

Bachelor #3...Baby K. He belongs to my best friend from High School. CeeLo didn't make a very good first impression as she soiled herself and then spit up all over his mother. Fortunately for her, K slept through that embarrassing moment and won't remember a thing.

Thankfully for them both, their second meeting weeks later went much better!

Bachelor #4, Baby BD. His mom and I are sorority sisters and were suite mates in college and their dads are pals from way fact, Husband and I met during wedding festivities for them. Guess they get the official credit for bringing us together.

BD tried to make a move and CeeLo would have none of it! 

Fortunately, big brother was there to console her. (that's right, CeeLo...go for the older man!)

Husband...Close your eyes on this next one. CeeLo's first kiss!
Have mercy!

Who will get the final rose? Stay tuned to see how the drama unfolds...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day weekend continued

I had forgotten that I actually use my camera sometimes instead of just my lazy iPhone pics and that I'd taken some pictures from Mother's Day weekend with it. So, here goes...

Since Husband was leaving for Baltimore on Sunday morning, we celebrated with his mom, MeMe, on Saturday. Here she is with all her grand children.

CeeLo fell fast alseep after dinner!

 MeMe with her kiddos.

After church on Sunday, CeeLo and I headed back to my hometown for a few days. To say she's been spoiled by the Grandparents is a huge understatement. Papa was in the floor playing with this little girl!

I finally remembered to take a picture with Little Grandmother and the quilt she made for CeeLo. We had a fun mini-photo shoot with the quilt.

Then, ever so sweetly, CeeLo put her hand on Little Grandmother's. This one melts my heart!

And that trip home concluded my last week of maternity leave. Twelve whole weeks of squeezing on that little girl when ever I felt like it flew by!!! I treasured every minute of my time off with her and am thankful that it was twelve weeks and not six!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

While the girls have celebrated Mother's Day with me the past few years, this was my first official Mother's Day as a legit mother. Unfortunately Husband had a business trip to Baltimore (of all places) and had to leave bright and early Sunday morning. So we celebrated on Saturday. G and Diva came in holding MCeeLo and MCeeLo was holding the gift bag. She was all smiles...until I took the bag from her. These ladies were pretty sneaky and had a necklace made for me with matching earrings. I had seen the necklace last year at Troy Fest and fell in love! I didn't get it and had hoped to get it this year. When I got to the booth she didn't have anything like it at all. I'll admit it. I was pretty disappointed, but she said shed try to get some new stones in and give me a shout. Little did I know, these ladies (and their sneaky aunt) had her make a new necklace with the stones that I loved and somehow were able to get it without me knowing. I absolutely love it! I have a stone for each of my girls... and a certificate for a mani/pedi-which I can't wait to use! Then Sunday we saw Husband off for his trip, MCeeLo and I went to church, and then she and I headed north to spend a few days with my side of the family. Thanks to all my girls and their sweet daddy for an extra special Mother's Day!!