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Friday, April 4, 2014

Smalls is WHAT???

I wasn't one of those women that ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over babies. 
In fact, I pretty much avoided babies at all costs. Simply viewing them from a distance with an appropriate 'Oh, how precious' so not to be thought rude

....And then this little girl happened!

Weren't we just at the hospital yesterday, ready to find out what this babe would be and feeling anxious over not having a name picked out yet? 

I mean, now she's trying to dress herself. She loves to sing and draw and her favorite color is blue. She can open doors and climb and reach the things that I used to be able to hide from her on the counter!!! She wants to "do it myself, Mom" and loves playing with my brushes, shoes, lip gloss and bras. 

 I can't believe my baby girl just turned two!

I was instantly smitten BUT didn't have the first clue as to what to do with a baby!! 
I feel like with a newborn, though, it didn't matter that I was clueless. Smalls didn't really know what was going on, and besides she slept most of the time anyways!

She didn't know what a hot mess I was and that I was just winging it until her instruction manual came in the mail.

Well, two years later and I'm still winging it. Except now she's starting to understand things a little more. She kinda knows what's going on...even when I do spell n-a-p.

She is full of personality and questions.
Questions that she believes I know, or should know, the answers to.

When she doesn't feel well, she thinks I can make it better.
My kisses have a new power that heals scraped knees and bumped noggins.

When and HOW did that happen?!?
(and can I have a better super power pa-lease?!?! One that cleans my house, weeds the flower beds...and cooks dinner! Thanks!)

I don't know... It is just funny.
You know, to be the responsible one. 

To clean up rather than run from explosive diapers, boogers, or other bodily functions.
To scold rather than laugh when she runs a fork full of spaghetti through her hair.

I guess what I'm getting at is that this is my defining moment.
This is it. I'm officially a grown-up.
It wasn't my first pay check, filing taxes or even mortgage payments and insurance.

Nothing says I'm a grown up like having a little human put her trust in you to keep her alive!
...and find her favorite blue tutu, or blue dress, or blue socks, or blue crayon...

So, having said all that, Smalls is two and we partied like all two year olds should...
Family, balloons, cupcakes, presents, and all your parents' friends!!! :)

(Good thing our kids are friends too! They're forced to grow up together so they might as well like it!)

One day he's going to regret fighting off all those kisses!!

This little diva was super excited about her 'real phone' and Molly the doll's baby gear!

The four wheeler was a big hit, but only if a friend pushed her so that she could text and ride!

All in all, I think Smalls enjoyed being the center of attention for the day.

After bed time we switched gears, put a 4 in front of the 2, and kept the party going grown-up style for Unca Sipper!

(Just to prove that Smalls is in fact a true two year old. What's a day without an emotional break down?)

It's her party and she can cry if she wants to!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A festive occasion

I almost forgot to share pictures from Husband's Famous Valentine's Dinner Date! 

He hosted a fabulous event as usual, and even Molly got to join in on the festivities. 

We had a smorgasbord of perfectly grilled fillets, chicken, asparagus, twice baked potatoes, and home made mac-n-cheese for the littlest of diners.  There was sparkling grape juice and even an ice cream buffet for dessert! Yum-o!!!

Unlike last year, I was determined to take photos before bed time!

This little girl loves her big sisters!

When trying for group pics...sometime you have to take what you can get!

I actually managed to get in a few shots this year too!

Now, what can I say about this man...?!? 
He goes all out each year on such a fun and fancy dinner for the ladies in his life, and it has turned into one of our most anticipated family traditions. He is a wonderful husband and a rock star of a dad!
He's kind of a big deal!

Thanks, Babe, for always making us feel so special! 
(Future husbands of our girls have a lot to live up to!)