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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Making her racing debut

Little did Smalls know that, not only would this be her first Biscuits game, but she'd also be making her racing debut! That's right she competed in her first ever Baby Race. 

Here she is pretending to be nervous while sizing up the competition. 

During this clingy phase that she's currently going through, I considered it a win that she actually let the Biscuits Girl take her away from me without having a major meltdown. 

The track was down...

...she spotted me at the finish line...
there may or may not have been a false start

...and then those other babies ate her dust!

Like a Boss!
 The Baby Racing Champion of the World!!!

Not sure if this will work, but just in case, here's the video. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

G's Awards Day

We are all very proud of G for all her hard work this 7th grade year! Since they will be remodeling the middle school next year, this is her last year in this building. Next year, she'll unofficially be a high schooler as the 8th grade will be located at the high school. 

Both girls at the high school...Again I say break out the medication for Husband!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Because my kid is so stinkin' cute

Since I've been a posting slacker lately, I thought it was only fair that I send you straight into a cuteness-coma!!! What better way than to start with TWO babies! Now, Smalls has met her cousin EK before, but they were both really too young to know what was going on, so we'll consider this their first official meeting. We decided to surprise Mowmow by having both of her great-granddaughters come visit. 

This is Small's "surprised" look! Apparently she was shocked to see someone smaller than her. 

This was immediately followed by a big hug and kiss!

Clearly they love each other.

Here's my girl looking cute at church.

Nothing melts my heart like Father/Daughter time.


Silly Sisters!!!

Moving on...we have pics taken one night after dinner with friends. As you can tell, Smalls LOVES a good shoulder ride from Daddy! 

This is what happened when I said 'Give Daddy love'

And this is what happened when I said 'touchdown!!!'
Smart girl!

Next up...first time eating corn on the cob. 
I mean, this girl has a mouth full of teeth. Might as well try them out!

I think she's a fan!

Bath time is always an adventure at our house. Please note how Smalls arrived to the tub the other day. 

This pose cracks me up! 

Just for comparison...Me circa 1984. 
Clearly she looks like her Daddy, but maybe she gets her surprised face from me.

While we're strolling down Memory Lane, this is my girl wearing a dress that was mine when I was a wee babe.  

Thanks, Mom, for saving my dress for her. If only I had a photo of me wearing it....I love a good side-by-side who wore it best. :)

And just when you think she can't possibly be any cuter...


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Junior Prom

Break out the medication! We're going to need it for this Dad, who cannot believe that his little princess is old enough for PROM!!!

Believe it or not, Diva is a Junior this year and she and her friends have been working all week to transform the gym into the perfect place for prom.  

Makeup done. Hair curled. Fabulous red dress! She looked absolutely beautiful!!

(This is Small's surprised face. She LOVED all the pretty girls and flowers!)

Best Friends! 

Cute fella.

She had a great time and her Daddy is managing to hold it together...kinda.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Carolyn's Crew

 About this time last year, we found out that Miss Mommy (Small's bonus grandmother) had cancer. We were all rocked by this news, but with tons of prayer, great doctors and a positive outlook, she is all clear now! Unfortunately all the treatments left Miss Mommy feeling a little weaker than normal. She said that she hadn't felt strong enough to organize anything for Relay for Life this year, but next year she planned to get up a team and help to give back. 

Little did she know that her wonderful daughters had already organized a secret team called Carolyn's Crew and were already raising money on her behalf! They rallied friends and family from all over, planned a tent, food, t-shirts...all while keeping it a surprise from her!

Then came the moment of her arrival!

She was so surprised to see her out-of-state daughters surrounded by a tent full of family and dear friends. 

It was such a blessing to see everyone that sent cards, prepared meals, helped around the house while she was in the hospital, and faithfully prayed for her during the past year. 

Smiles and hugs all around!!

Despite the unusually cold and rainy day in MAY we had such a wonderful time of celebration!

The Survivor's Walk...

The Care Giver's Walk...

Such an amazing family!

Thankfully, the Carolyn's Crew tent was right next door to the Brundidge United Methodist tent so that we were also able to celebrate with Meme!

This sweet little girl enjoyed all the action and even had a t-shirt of her own!

Sometimes I think there is nothing better than pulling off a good surprise. Especially when it is for someone that you love!