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Friday, March 22, 2013

The First Birthday Party

Well, as it turned out, not only the birthday girl was under the weather for her birthday. On Thursday, my mom called saying that my dad was sick and really contagious and that they weren't going to come and risk spreading his germs. Then, on Friday, we got a call  that Husband's mom Meme was in the ER and was going to have emergency gallbladder surgery. It appeared that our family was dropping like flies! We weren't sure whether to go on with the birthday extravaganza or not! Instead...we just toned it down a notch and decided to celebrate with the grandparents once everyone is fully recovered. 

Here is the final Hungry Caterpillar of pictures. It was crazy to see and compare how much she's grown over the past 12 months! 

I think she could tell that something was going on that day because she didn't take a nap at all!!

...and you can tell from her sleepy eyes in most of these pictures!

The cousins!

Pretty Sisters

Fabulous caterpillar made by Kim Jones! 
(The best cupcakes that you'll ever put in your mouth!!!)

Bless her heart...she was sooo sleepy.

But she perked up a little to 'blow' out her candle. 
(we had been practicing all month!)

Then she went after it...

...and shared with Daddy!

Thanks Kim! MC really enjoyed her first cupcake!!!

G was there to assist in opening the fun!

We had a great time celebrating our little girl with such wonderful friends and family. I still can't believe how fast the year has gone by and how much has happened in that year! I look forward to what this next year has in store!!!

**and in a health update, all grandparents have fully recovered and are doing well :)**

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Valentine's Dinner

Before I get too caught up in MC's birthday celebration, I have to back up and talk about Valentine's Day! 

Some of you know that Husband always hosts an elaborate date night for his special ladies, complete with an invitation, home cooked meal, sparkling grape juice, and even a delicious appetizer while we're getting all snazzy! Oh, yes! One must get all dolled up for this fancy dinner!

This year, the chef even came home early to prepare for the big event!

Little Sister was really excited to stay up past her bed time to see what all the fuss was about!

(even if her favorite part of the evening was this balloon!) 

Everything was sooo delicious that I almost forgot about dessert!

And dessert this year was pretty serious! :)

Once again, Husband really outdid himself! Dinner was absolutely amazing and we all felt like special Valentines! In  fact, it was decided by Diva that all future boyfriends must assist with and attend a Valentine's dinner. "You know, so they'll know how its done!"

This daddy has set the bar pretty high for those future boyfriends. Good luck fellas!