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Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Pumpkins

Here is G's pumpkin:
Peace. Love. And Jack-o-lanterns!

Diva and I worked on this fella:

The pumpkins were carved just in time for Halloween night! ...and truth be told, we all had a LOT of help from Sweet Husband the pumpkin carving king!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


On Friday I get to see this girl!

My lovely friend, Sassy!
BFF from college. Co-founder of the High Energy Night Diet. Maid of honor at my wedding. And quite possibly the best dance partner known to man! Just sayin'

We can solve all the world's troubles over a glass of wine, cup of Joe, or both depending on how late we stay up! (I'll substitute water for the vino on this trip, no worries!) It has been too long since we've gotten together and I can't wait!

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

We have had quite the exciting morning! Husband, G, and I got up super early for a little lawn decor.

It is unbelievable that Diva turned 16 today! The exciting part for her is that she has already taken and passed her driver's test! Woo hoo! The pressure is off! 
(They do that in Driver's Ed class now. How convenient is that!?!)

Please note the sun was rising while we were out taking birthday pictures! :)

I think it was worth the early rise when Diva saw what awaited her in the driveway!  Now she just has to wait till Thursday to take her paperwork to the license office to make everything official. Then, we will certainly have to medicate Husband so that he can cope with his sweet angel's new found freedom.

That was then...

This is now....

Good morning to you all and feel free to send prayers our way!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Adams: week 20

I had my 20 week doctor's appointment and ultrasound on October 12th, and before you ask...No, we haven't changed our mind about finding out what we're having. The good news is that for the first time during this pregnancy I'm gaining weight!!! I have never been so excited to gain four pounds in my life! While I do have an appetite now, I haven't had any crazy cravings yet. The baby is doing well. He/She has all 4 chambers of the heart, a brain, all other major body parts and is developing right on track with my February 26th due date.

In other exciting news, I can now feel him/her moving! That's the coolest feeling ever!  It started out feeling kinda like...hmm...popcorn popping in there, but now I can definitely feel my little break dancer getting down. Especially when I lay down at night. It is still so amazing to me that there is somebody in there!

Here's a 20 week outside picture....

...and here are the inside pictures:




Sweet, little face!

Weird that you can see the spine, huh?
He/She turned away when this was taken.

Mouth is open... just like his/her daddy :)

Baby Skeletor?!?!?

Baby Adams: week 19

Seriously, guys, I'm feeling great! Could this really be the end of sickness and time for me to actually feel like a real person again? I pray the answer to that is YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!! The baby has finally decided to make his/her presence known and make my clothes a little snugger.

Now that I'm feeling human, I've got the itch to start getting ready for this baby! Husband and I did a bit of rearranging and are beginning project nursery. This project involves turning the office into a nursery.

Poor office. You never really had the chance to be a real office.

We moved the old table that we used as a desk and the glass cases out.

The desk table is now the foyer table...with delicious smelling pumpkin spice candles! I do need to work on some other pictures or something more for this rather large table. Any decor suggestions? I need a weekend project :)

Oh, and while I'm at it...You may have noticed in G's birthday pictures that we now have a dining room table! It is an antique table that we scored from a good friend when she decided to move. The top needs to be refinished, but in the mean time we just covered it with this table cloth. We'd also like to recover the chairs so that they'll match our dining room, but we'll get to that one day :)
For now, I'm jut thankful for a place to dine!

We also have bar stools now too, but I didn't take a picture of that.
We folded down the sides of this breakfast nook table and moved it into our bedroom.

The table that was in the foyer... now the breakfast nook table.

Next up, installing some stained glass doors...then we can start baby stuff.
Anyone want to help refinish furniture?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

G's 12th Birthday Extravaganza

Birthday week celebration for G started the night of September 30th. While she and about 6 of her best friends were attending the middle school homecoming dance, the birthday fairy decorated for the grand occasion.

I promise that the birthday girl's door did look a lot more festive before those 6 giggling girls spent the night and ran in and out and up and down the stairs at least a zillion times.

Sweet Nanny made a fabulous pink door sign in honor of the occasion! Pink and sparkles? G couldn't have been happier!

Friday after the dance, the 6 ladies spent the night. They stayed up doing what sounded like renovation work on the 2nd floor till at least 2am. I crashed way before that! The next morning, husband tried to sneak out for some quiet time before they woke up. He thought that, as late as they stayed up, he was good till at least 10am. Oh, no...They woke up around 9am, and as he was our doughnut guy, he had to hurry back home with breakfast.

As it was the first weekend in October, the air was a bit chillier than normal. Don't think that stopped those crazy girls from jumping in the pool at 10am! In their pajamas!!! After alternating between the pool and golf cart rides around the 'hood, it was finally time for our tailgating themed lunch. TROY had a game that day, so it was only proper to start the day off with chicken fingers, wings, rotel and husband's famous salsa! Oh, and cookie cake!

Some were not so crazy about having their picture made...even though I warned told them I was posting at least one pictures regardless of the faces they made :)

Oh, don't let me leave out the party crashers. Two cousins and a down-the-street-neighbor found their way into the party. They opted to watch football during lunch instead of participating in opening of the presents.

Overall, G said that she had a wonderful birthday week and is enjoying the life of a 12 year old!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Brother's Wedding

The weather couldn't have been any more perfect for an outdoor wedding at the home of the Bride's grandparents. We took this opportunity to take a few family pics of our own...

The ceremony took place in this gazebo.

Don't you love weather vanes!?!

Wanna see the bride and groom?

and here's your close up...

here is one without such a shadow....

Apparently the groomsmen found a little praying mantis while they were out taking their pictures and started putting it on each other. Boys will be boys, I suppose...
Anyways, Brother put it in his bride's empty ring box and put it in his pocket. During his pictures with Bride and the families, he casually put the box on top of a nearby table, never to be thought of again. That is until the BRIDE, thinking it was her ring, went to get the box!!! Thankfully she didn't call off the wedding!

Instead of the traditional unity candle, they lit these lanterns.

Here are a few more pictures taken from the wedding and reception area:

As you can tell Brother loves Alabama football and fishing.

Here's a close up of the tables from the picture above.

...and here they are trying to escape without drowning in birdseed!

Farewell! I'm sure they'll have a great time on the beach in the Cayman Islands!
while I'm at my desk at work.

And what is a trip back home without an update on Gertie?!?!?
She was so disappointed not to be selected as the flower girl.

(Clearly she was excited that G came for the weekend and brought an outfit for her)