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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inflatable Friday

One of the toughest parts of my job comes once a year. Kidsfest. A bunch of inflatables are brought into the Convention Center and blown up in preparation for a fun filled weekend of bouncing for the kiddos.

What makes it so tough, you might ask? Well...someone has to test out all the inflatables.
*Sigh* Insert my name here.

This is to make sure they're safe for the hundreds of kids that will fill the Convention Center. You know, to make sure they can fall like this.

This is my partner in crime...Little Mama. She's perfectly okay, just sad that I beat her in the relay race.
(boo yow!)

We've been sacrificing our safety for at least 4 years now.

You're welcome.

Three years ago today...

I was here...

I wore this dress.

He wore this suit. 

I walked down this aisle.

To say "I DO" to the love of my life.

Then we had this kiss.

And lived happily ever after!

Happy Anniversary, Love!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 years! Seriously?

10 years ago, there was a group of people that were the best of friends. Here is what they looked like in 2001. Before college. Before significant others. Before jobs, bills, responsibilities... Not a care in the world.

And here they are now, still best of friends.  Sure things have changed and we don't get to see each other as often as we would like, but we make the most out the time we do have together.

I was able to spend an evening with these guys one night earlier this month. We realized that it was the first time just the four of us have hung out since college. No husbands. No girlfriends. No kids. Just us. Keeping it real. Thanks, friends. It was much needed and long over due.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field trips and Banquets and Graduation...oh, my!

During my blogging sabbatical, numerous events took place... Starting with Cinco de Mayo which was Diva's Spanish Banquet.  This was a get dressed up and snazzy event, and I think these guys look pretty awesome.

Next on the list was G's 5th grade class field trip to the Space Center in Huntsville. Which, by the way, is a loooong bus ride from home! Thankfully Husband drew the chaperon straw for this trip! G did bring home some goodies for us to try.

You can't beat an Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich, right?!?

Not bad...Very interesting texture, but overall, not too shabby.

Then we rounded off the school year with 5th Grade Graduation.
My how time flies...especially since this was how old Diva was when I came into the picture.

It is ritual to have your picture made with Meme. (whose face has healed nicely from the baseball incident)

And, take a nice look at this tie: 

G has deemed it the 'graduation tie' and has requested it's hot pink & green presence at all graduations for the rest of her life.

See you soon for other May Events that were not school related.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Missing in Action

I do apologize for my absence, but sometimes you just need  to take a break. That's how I feel these days. It seems like we're always running. There is somewhere to be...ball field trips...etc. You know those days weeks. We've also been catching up on quality time with family and friends that we've neglected the past year while we were building. I'll be back soon with a recap of the month, but until then...

My new best friends Troy and Jacob asked me to tell you all hello. I'm pretty sure we're getting together soon to hunt gators. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Showers

...Bring May Flowers!!! This little pretty is the start of my rose garden!

She came from a cutting of my favorite rose bush at my parent's house.

I didn't know when I asked for a piece of it to start my future garden, that this plant has been with my parents since they got married. If they moved, they moved her with them!

Can't say that I blame them. After all, she's always been my favorite.

(In case you were wondering, she smells as beautiful as she looks!)