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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How Smalls spent her summer vacation

We had a wonderful, fun-filled summer that went by entirely too fast! As I was handed Progress Reports last night, I realized the Fall isn't slowing down either. 

These days I exist in a state of constant interruption and can barely complete a thought, much less a complex sentence or post in chronological order. I'm trying to learn how to take decent pictures, actually download them, and post them for you all while keeping Smalls from dancing in her high chair or splashing in the toilet. (both of which happened in the past 30 minutes)

Here are some highlights from Smalls this summer...most are iPhone pics because, lets just face it, it is the easiest.

She had her first boat ride at her friend Catherine's first birthday party. That face says it all! 

On Independence Day she was introduced to the wonders of Whip Cream. 

She learned how to color with Unca B... 

...and was spoiled by Aunt Nichole!

She even penciled in time for shoulder rides with Papa.

(Gertie, my first child, was in hiding the whole time we were there and was glad to see us leave.)

We did a little sewing with Little Grandmother...but I'll tell you about that later.

Wresteled with her friend Knox

Got to have a little visit with her best friend Catherine!

Had a lunch date with the Dunn boys 

Took a few tractor rides in the drive way before bed

Had lunch with Mommy's friends and their cute kiddos!

Shoe Shopping!!!! Daddy beware. 100% girl here!

Learned how to slide in the nursery

Built a pillow bed and otherwise destroyed Mommy's bathroom.

Lots of naps in the bouncy chair

Oh, and after a four day Paci-boot camp, we said adios to these bad boys!

We went to a Biscuits game and got to see Aunt Liz 

Swam a lot!

played with Louie

Played at the park...when it wasn't raining or muddy

Took Senior Portraits with Diva

And just so you know my little angel is a typical toddler...

...she had more than her fair share of emotional breakdowns. 

What chu talkin' bout Willis?!