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Friday, July 22, 2011

Outside the bun

Why do these little packets own me?!?!?

Their funny little sayings get me every time!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mowmow's Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Mowmow's 83rd Birthday! Although, Mowmow wasn't too keen on the idea of a party at soon as she saw her balloons and hot-pink-with-feathers-light-up crown she changed her tune.

What is the best part about turning 83 you might ask? Well, for one, you can wear your favorite house coat and slippers to your party and no one will say a word!

Look at that smile! I'd say she perked right up about being the center of attention.

We had cake and ice cream and she had her picture made with each family. Here's ours:

Mom, Mowmow (who is Mom's Mom), Dad, me, and little Brother.
He really loves when I call him little brother. He out grew me in, like, the 8th grade, so this is how I remind him who's boss.

And all of her favorite grandchildren were there!

This is Mowmow and her brother, Jean...we think he's 89. You have to watch this guy because you never know when you're going to come home one day and find him in your barn. He loves to go through old stuff and look for treasures.

There were 12 of these kids growing up!!!! Can you imagine!?!? These days, they'd have
their own reality show!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is from July 20th

How it ended up getting lost in my drafts list is beyond me. Well, here goes:

Rango, the unwelcome office guest!

Yes, I said office! As in place where I work!!! 
Seriously? How did that even get in there?!?!

**No lizards were harmed in the making of this post**

YMCA camp or bust

We awoke last Friday in the WeeSma's of the morning to get ready and take G and her best friend to camp. We actually left our house at 4:45am (gasp!!!) to drop them off at the buses. They were so excited about camp that they never even looked back after registration. No last wave good-bye. No last glance over the shoulder as they were getting on the bus. Nada.

G has been looking forward to this camp since big sister got to go four years ago. It was just for a weekend, but these girls had the best time. They talked our ears off all the way home.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Under the weather

Sorry, friends. Our family has been passing around a little bug which has put me a bit behind this week.
As soon as I find my way out of the piles of dishes and laundry, I'll be back.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Finally, I'm getting around to the (quick) 4th of July recap...

What better way to spend our nation's birthday than a pool party with friends!

...well, until a huge flash of lightening sent everyone scuttling inside!

The sun flowers that we planted in February were in full bloom and made for lovely centerpieces.

We also had a kitchen full of people and an island full of delicious food that was grilled to perfection!!! 

The girls...

...and the guys.

A good time was had by all. Thanks, friends, for spending your holiday with us!

The project

In preparation for our 4th of July festivities, G and I had a little project.

Ingredients: different sizes of jars, votive candles, and rice or dried peas/beans

Step one: pour beans/rice into jars

Step two: place the candle in the jar

Step three: Admire your hard work!

Step four: Put candles in desired locations...

...and light!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grandmother's swim suit

Once upon a time, when my dad was a little boy and quite possibly before my aunt was even born, my Grandfather bought my Little Grandmother a blue seersucker swim suit with pink flowers on it. 

Little Grandmother had this treasure tucked away in her sewing room closet. When I was little, I would play dress up in this old fashioned swimsuit and Little Grandmother would adjust the straps so that it sorta fit. I loved it! Later on in life, probably on a day she decided to clean out her closet, Little Grandmother gave that swimsuit to me. 

This little seersucker number hung in my closet at my parent's house throughout high school and college. Actually, it hung in there until just a few years ago when I packed it up for good when I moved in with Husband! Husband and I shared a closet at our old house, so I didn't unpack the particular box with the swim suit in it until we moved into our new house. That's when I decided it was time....

Time to play dress up once again!

I tried on the swim suit for the first time as a grown up and it fit!!! (even though I'm a foot taller than Little Grandmother) So, I donned my floppy hat to bask in the sun in my back yard! ...Okay so actually I just wore the suit as a romper while our 4th of July guests were arriving...but more on that later.

PS--The care instructions read: Hand wash in cold water. Rinse in clear water. Hang dry in the shade. Do Not Press.

The thought of actually pressing a swim suit cracked me up!!!

Mom, you're responsible for making sure Little Grandmother sees these pictures. I think she'll get a good laugh!