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Monday, March 24, 2014

Waist up formal

Hubs had a friend that turned the big 4-0 back in February so, to commemorate this joyous milestone, a small group of friends took a little weekend get away to a cabin in North Georgia. 

This is the back of said cabin...not sure why we failed to take one of the front?

Oh, wait! I know! 
Because the Birthday Boy commandeered my camera and had a fun little photo shoot with some of the other boys. 

Here's a little snippet of what I found when I downloaded my pics....


In reality though, it was the mack-daddy of all cabins. There was no 'roughing it' in this castle!

Just check out our dining room! This called for a SPECIAL birthday dinner! 
Formal, even!

The girls baked a homemade, from scratch, birthday cake!

And everyone had their own dish to prepare. 


Twice baked potatoes...

Fillets grilled to perfection...

And me? Well, someone had to document THIS!

I present to you....

Waist up formal.
(We were at a cabin in the middle of nowhere after all! Lets not get too crazy!)

Bow ties. Check!

Snazzy tops with pajama bottoms. Check!

My favorite knee-high house shoes? Duh, of course!

We rocked the waist up formal like no body's business!

The birthday boy even broke out his wedding vest and jacket for the special occasion.

This could go down as one of our best ideas ever!

It was time for the cake.
This was Vickie's famous recipe so we had to conference her in on the singing of Happy Birthday and ultimate cake presentation. 

To which the birthday boy (who is now dead to me) replied, 

"It looks like it was made by a bunch of girls that don't cook much....

...but it tastes good!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That time it snowed

Remember that random couple of days in January when it snowed in Alabama? Oh, yeah... I took some pictures of that and, now that it's almost Easter, perhaps its time to share them with you! :)

That Tuesday, was ugly. 
Cold. Rainy. Sleety. Did I say COLD!?! 
Everyone got out of school or off work early (around here), but there was no snow to play in. 
The sleet did accumulate quite a bit and looked like snow...kinda.

Right as we were getting Smalls to bed the flakes started falling! So we did what any decent parents would do for their little girl's first snow...layered up boots, jackets, and hats OVER footie pj's and went outside to play with the neighbors!

We went sledding from yard to yard and even walked to the bottom of the hill to watch the big boys try to kill themselves with a golf cart and inflatable raft. 

(A strategically placed snowflake ruined this shot.) 

I'm a big baby when it comes to the cold, so we didn't play too late. 
But some little girl was excited to wake up and get back out there!

Smalls had a great time playing with the big girls!

...and eating the snow!

(Which is what she is doing in most of the pictures that I took.)

She made an attempt at a snow angel, but wasn't impressed with the idea of laying down in it. 

 I'm thankful we live where this is a once every few years kind of event. 

All in all it was a great few days in the snow that ended with a lovely sunset!