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Friday, January 25, 2013

This week in pictures

I definitely owe you guys some updated pictures, so here are a few to get you by. (11 months)

My girl now has two bottom teeth, four top teeth, AND one of those top teeth is a molar!

The next few pictures were taken yesterday. I can't get over how much this outfit makes her look like a big girl. Well, the outfit and the fact that she is standing without holding on to the chair!!!! 
(I'm soooo not ready for walking!!! Anyone want to come help put those little locks on cabinet doors/drawers?)

These pics are blurry, but CRACKED me up. I went to the little girls' room for two minutes and came back to a photo shoot with G$ and CeeLo....


Hope you have a happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013, you say...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great first Christmas as a family of five.  Husband, CeeLo and I went to visit my family for Christmas Eve, and we visited with both great-grandmothers!

We spent Christmas Eve at Little Grandmother's.  
These little salt and pepper shakers have been a part of Christmas as long as I can remember :)

MC got lots of snuggles from Papa...

..and Honey, and they were all sad to see us (meaning her) go. 

We got back in time to help Santa put things together for Christmas day. The big sisters came home Christmas morning and got to spend the day with us. 

Santa brought new phones!

And some new wheels!

This girl loved the Christmas tree and ornaments...

...and putting everything in her mouth!

We headed to Husband's side of the family for lunch!


Pretty Sisters!

So, now we're 23 days into 2013 and I still catch myself writing 2012. I'm pumped about this new year and its fresh beginnings. What is it about a brand new year that's like buying new school supplies? There is nothing like an empty notebook, journal, calendar...that gets me pumped up and ready for a fresh start. I love to set goals (aka, make a list) and then go through the year marking them off. 

The main goal on my list? Eating fried foods only ONCE a month. This is my main guilty pleasure and this is going to be a TOUGH one! Confession: I blew my January pass on the 4th!!!! Over some stupid tater tots! GAH! Because I'd forgotten about this goal until after I'd ordered. 

Other things on my list are just little ways to help me be more productive at my new Domestic Engineer duties and even being better at updating the blog, the glass studio website (  check it out!!!!), and even ordering pictures and creating physical photo albums. I realize that I'm a creature of habit and I function better on a here's to trying to create one for myself. 

Bring it 2013. I'm ready!

(Here's a belated 9 month photo.)