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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Week

Happy Birthday week to a certain little Crumb!!! 
Can you believe that a year has gone by already!? I cannot believe that this time last year I was stressing about delivery...and yet dying to know what he/she would be!!! I had never changed a diaper before. Ever. And my biggest fear was how to feed this new little creature that would depend on me completely. Well, thousands of diaper changes later, we've both survived and learned A LOT! It really does just come to you. (probably in sleep-deprived visions caused by all those early morning feedings, but regardless it comes to you)  I especially cannot believe that tonight (hopefully) I will tuck in my little baby girl and tomorrow I'll wake up to a big girl! A one-year-old! The last sticker in the 12 month pack. Cliche as it may really does fly by. 

So, how have we been celebrating this first birthday week you might ask?
At the pediatrician!

This little one developed a terrible cough, which lead to a couple of sleepless nights on the couch for the two of us. Then she got a temperature so we headed to the doc. Diagnosis: bronchiolitis. 

Which translates into breathing treatments every four hours. We did a little birthday shopping at Jones' Medical for a nebulizer. The first couple of times Husband and I had to hold her down while she kicked, cried, and fought like crazy not to participate in these treatments. Pitiful. This Mama almost threw in the towel and declared it a Daddy duty!

However, we're on day two of the treatments and she's decided that Sami the Seal might not be so bad after all. She is breathing much better now and hopefully tonight will bring a few more Zzzzz's. 

TROY's Biggest Fan

Saturday night we grabbed our biggest pom poms and headed to the TROY basketball game. As I seem to always be the one with the camera, I jumped at the opportunity to get a shot with the cutest cheerleader ever!

Though it was well past someone's bedtime, the game was too close so we had to stay till the very end! 

Which didn't bother this fan in the least. She stayed awake to bid farewell to everyone, despite the loss. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busy Little Bees

My parents came down for the Valentine's party and to spend a few days with us....and by us, I really mean with my girl. I know. 

With the Valentine's party behind me, it is now time to focus on getting some things done before CeeLo's upcoming birthday. Little did my dad know, I had quite the list that I wanted to accomplish while he was down. Honey was happy to distract the tiny one while Papa and I worked! We turned Husband's work space back into my sun room, cleaned out the garage, moved things to the attic, and baby-proofed cabinets and drawers. CeeLo did get in on the action and held the flashlight for Papa while he worked on the cabinets. 

But all that work was exhausting, and soon called for a long nap! 

While they rested, Honey and I did a little prep work for that upcoming birthday party. 
Here is a sneak peek...

I got started on our hungry Caterpillar...

...and we finished the birthday tutu! (to be worn with a different onesie :)

Stay tuned for more!

**please note the crock pot in the background. Yep, that was dinner! Be amazed!! **

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's at the Glass Studio

Holy Cow!!! What's up with February!?!? Whether I like it or not, this month came and managed to skip right to the middle without even asking! I'll admit that I've been in denial about February. If I didn't acknowledge it then surely my sweet, precious, angel won't turn one. Right?  Well....

Perhaps the first few weeks slipped away from me because I was busy working at the Studio to help get ready for our Valentine's Party. We swept, dusted, polished, and rearranged to get everything ready for last Sunday's big event.  Meme and I worked on the displays while Husband and Grandpa soldered their little fingers to the bones on the new items. (such as these amazing TROY logos!)

Oh, and baked. I...yes, I...BAKED! Twice actually. Grandpa wanted tea cakes, coffee, and punch for the party, and that inspired me to try out my Little Grandmother's tea cake recipe that I have framed in my kitchen. After calling her twice, I finally talked myself into breaking out the measuring spoons and getting dirty! (You're just going to have to take my word on this. There was too much flour to break out the camera.)

Friday night- batch one. I tweaked the recipe and used Splenda instead of sugar...and I may or may not  have made the cookies a little too fat. (Husband, who likes thin/crunchy cookies said a LOT too fat) They tasted good, but they were far from pretty. In fact, they looked more like biscuits. Which lead to...

Saturday night- batch two. I went with the real deal sugar and made the cookies out thinner this time. These looked much better and didn't crack like Friday night's. People ate them at the party and lived to tell about it, so I call it a huge success!

In the end, the party was a blast! We had a great turnout and everything looked great if I do say so myself. :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Ballin' Day

 I do love a Saturday, and today was a rather nice one. Kinda chilly...but I won't hold that against it. CeeLo woke us up at 5, but promptly went back to sleep. (Of course she did. I wanted to wake up early!) Husband and I had planned to hit up a few yard sales and then run some other errands before he had to go to the glass studio and work. It was really cold, so our yard sale-ing really meant that he actually got out of the car and I stayed in with my girl and sipped on my warm cup of joe! OK, so I did venture out to look at an old cabinet that we ended up buying for the glass studio. We wrapped up our running about and even squeezed in a little Lowe's trip before heading back home so that Husband could deliver the cabinet and go work at the Studio.

CeeLo and I crossed tons off our to-do list before heading to Cousin's Upward Basketball game.

This little social butterfly has a BLAST!!!!

She loves her cousin!

Look how sweetly she is looking up at him! 

Meme enjoyed spending the afternoon with two of her grand kids. 

After the game, CeeLo and I stopped by the God Mother's office for a surprise work-break...however, this this little social butterfly let everyone know she was in the building and we ended up visiting with the whole office! Finally, we headed home for a low key evening at home. After a totally-off-her-schedule kind of day, I figured the nice thing would be to let her have a normal bed time. 

Busy, productive, social, AND restful. 
Everything a good Saturday should be. 
...except for warm...They should also be sunny with a high of 75, but who's counting...