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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

XO bid day

Eleven years ago, I went through sorority rush  just so that I could move into my dorm room one week early and avoid the madness they call "Welcome Weekend." I just wanted to meet people and have my room set up before school started, I wasn't going to be a sorority girl.
Little did I know what was about to happen. Not only did I pledge Chi Omega, but I LOVED it and the people I met there litterally changed my life. I met my best friends. I got involved in all kinds of organizations on campus that I would have never known about AND was allowed to serve my chapter in some leadership roles. Those girls believed in me. They encouraged me. They were my home away from home (literally, as I lived in the sorority house).

As a grown up, I'm now a part of the Advisory Board and I like to host the Chi O Bid Day party at my house each Fall.

One of my favorite parts of hosting this event is the alumni that come back to help out! These ladies were in my pledge class!

Cousin Lara

There is a banner for every occasion :)

My sun room doubles as a buffet when you remove the furniture.

Please note the super cute owl cake toppers designed and crafted by my incredibly talented (and cute) husband.

And this was my back yard! At least 100 people at my house and a majority of them were in the pool!

G even got in on the action and jumped in with Cousin Lara.

And these are my 44 New Members (and their "Owl Pals")! Hello freshmen and the new energy and excitement that you bring.

Bring on the Fall Semester! This is going to be a great year, I can feel it! Bring on football, sweaters, boots...oh, what's that you say? We're in south Alabama. Okay, then...just bring on the football.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Trip

Who doesn't love a spontaneous road trip to the beach? When you live as close as we do, there's no excuse not to pack up and go put your toes in the sand. Which is just what we did on July 28th. The only catch was adding a 5 month old to the equation, but we were up for the challenge.

Juicy did really well and fussed just to let us know that it was time to pull over for a little brunch.

It became a little dreary while we were there so we hit up the outlets for a little back to school shopping. However, we were quickly informed by the big sisters that "school" is equivalent to a four letter word during the summer months and we should just call it shopping.

We ended our adventure at the Back Porch in Destin and scored a prime table out on the porch area. Nothing like a little beach breeze while you dine!

Look at our pretty girls at sunset!

After dinner we headed down to get our toes wet and introduce Juicy to the sand.

(check out my mad forearm muscles! Whoop Whoop!)

At first she was not so sure what to think of this wet/squishy stuff...

Oh, but wait...Sheer joy was the final verdict!!!

We had such a big time splashing and getting sand EVERYWHERE!

Can't wait to go back next summer when she can really play!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 month photo shoot

I've had these pictures in a draft for quite some time now. Time to break them out and share with the world. First of all, these monthly photo shoots are becoming rather difficult now that Miss Juicy is more mobile. We get many goofy shots in the quest for that one 'good' one. Here are the many faces of my girl...

Oh, not that flashy box again!


Attempt at escape!

The 'Sweet, Precious Angel' pose
...wins over all the ladies at church!

Kickin' it on my owl!

Irresistible chunky leg rolls!

Trying to roll away...

...and this one just makes me laugh!

In other news, Juicy has also been introduced to the spoon! It was a rather shaky introduction...
 Here is the first attempt at oatmeal.

Clearly an epic fail.
Fortunately for us, take 2 was a much better success.

All parties involved end up in a grainy mess, but well worth the fun we have during the meal.

One day I'm going to regret all these iPhone pictures, but until then, I'm enjoying the convenience of a quick phone snap rather than breaking out the real deal camera.

 And for the family members that have asked...A quick month 5 happenings update:

finally outgrew 3 month clothes
smiles and laughs the majority of the time
 7:30 bed time and sleeps pretty soundly until we wake her up at 6am
reaches for everything...especially faces
rolls over and scoots all over her play mat and crib
loves to babble
behaves well enough to stay in "big Church" the entire time
first road trip...more on that later
loves different textures and scratches on everything
tried squash for the first time...was not a fan :)
can now reach the high notes in the squeal department
Momma no longer has eardrums
What? did you say something?


Friday, August 17, 2012

Thank you and goodbye

Thank you for your prayers for the Yarbrough family. I just wanted to let you know that Baby Henley passed away last evening. In her few days with us, I know that she felt all the love and support of a lifetime. Her story has touched so many... more than their family could have ever imagined. I am grateful that they have been so open to share this "season of life", and their testimony has certainly been an inspiration to me.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update on Henley

Thank you all for your prayers for this precious family. God has heard them all and is so faithful to answer our prayers!!!

Baby Henley is off of the vent! They have her on the cpap and had to bump up her oxygen through the night, but had it back down to 21% Saturday morning! Please continue to pray that her lungs will get stronger and that any fractures in her ribs will heal and allow her to breathe easier! The doctors don't seem to think that there is any infection in her bowels but they're still taking every precaution and treating her as if she does. She hasn't started feeding yet and will wait on that until they know more from the reports on infection. It was mentioned that she may have to have some blood, and her nurse said it would more than likely help her feel better if she gets some. They are just watching her closely and making decisions based on the need at that moment! They are taking it hour by hour and trusting God that His grace is sufficient for TODAY!  Whitney will be discharged from the hospital today and she and Bryant will stay in Montgomery until Henley gets to come home! While we can't be sure exactly when that will be, we can trust that it will be in God's perfect timing.
Whitney posted on Facebook, "We can't thank everyone enough for the prayers, the calls, messages and offers to help- we are so grateful for God pouring out His blessings through His people! To GOD be the GLORY!!"

Candace Nelson, an amazing photographer (who just happens to be living in our old house), is a close friend of their family and was at the hospital to document Henley's birthday! Grab your tissues and check out those precious moments here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Prayer Request

I know I'm way overdue for a post, but as I sit to write this I find it hard to write about the happenings of my own life. My heart is full of prayers for my friends and I ask that you join me in praying for them too. 

Bryant and Whitney went to college with me and  Whitney ended up being G's 5th grade teacher a couple of years ago. They are the sweetest couple ever and are expecting their second child, a baby girl, tomorrow morning...a scheduled c-section. It has been a complicated pregnancy and they will have quite the road ahead of them. Please help to cover this sweet family in your prayers.

You can read their story in Whitney's own words here.

...pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord; lift up your hands toward Him for the life of your young children...
Lamentations 2:19