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Saturday, September 24, 2011


During our last visit with our ATL friends, we discussed an upcoming Journey concert that would take place in September. It was then decided that it was a must to come back for, and that was that. Summer flew by and concert time was here before we knew it. Thankfully my new meds arrived just in time to let me feel like going.

The best idea was to get a van and driver for all of us to go together. Not having to fight parking or maneuver traffic was brilliant! Extra points to J.R. for that plan!

We had lawn tickets and got there in perfect time to declare our spots and set up camp. You may recognize most of these faces from our New Year's trip at the cabin.

Husband and I danced to "Open Arms" like we were at a 1982 prom.

The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all!

You can sign this crew up for the next 80's flashback!

16 week appointment

Baby Adams is trucking right along and we're now winding down week 17.  Over these past few months I've developed a new best friend, Johnny:

We're quite inseparable these days! :) Whoever decided to call it morning sickness is mean and evil. For me, its been all day queasiness followed by random sickness a couple of times a day...with at least one of those times being at work. (not cool)

September 12th was our 16 week appointment. On the way there, Husband had to pull over...on the interstate...for me to get sick. When we got to the doctor's office, they weighed me and I was down another pound. At this news, I turned into an emotional wreck...aka, the ugly cry. Now, I'm not one to cry...especially not in front of people, but hormones do crazy things to one's ability to control the waterworks! My sweet nurse assured me that the baby is getting exactly what he/she needs even though I am losing weight. Doc came in and decided it was time to try a new nausea medicine, called Reglan. Then we got to hear a strong, little heart beat!! That makes all the sickness worth it!

PRAISE THE LORD!!! This Reglan is a miracle drug!!!

I actually feel like a human again! Honestly, I'd forgotten what it was like NOT to feel queasy! These wonder drugs came just in time to allow me to participate in our next adventure, but I'll tell you more about that later!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Louie's Labor Day

I don't know about you, but our Labor Day brought a day full of much needed rain. There is something so peaceful and perfectly relaxing about constant, all-day, you-can't-do-yard-work-even-if-you-wanted-to, rain. Little Louie was very excited to be welcomed in from the storm. He celebrated his day inside with a little napski in my lap!

I was kicked back reading The Help and when I put the book down for a break, this is what I had in my lap:

Sound asleep and dreaming! Look at his front paws in this picture below and imagine that they're "running" because that is exactly what was going on!

Sweet, sweet Louie. I'm so glad that you came with the house!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Few Other August Happenings....

The sweet, sweet Chi Omega's!! Remember this lively group from last year? Well, August welcomed them back to campus and marked the beginning of a new Fall Semester with sorority recruitment.

This year I welcomed all 100+ of them to my house for the after-recruitment pool party!

They were a well-oiled machine!! A committee came in to set up, the caterers arrived and did their thing, the girls arrived for the festivities, and then a committee stayed to clean up...all I really had to do was point to where things would go. At the end of the day, it was like no one was ever there!
They are most definitely welcome back next year!

The very next weekend, we had a baby shower for one of my pledge sisters at our house. (I'm not ashamed to admit that I used these events to put a rush on getting a dining room table :)

My roommate from grad school, who happens to be an accountant, also makes a really beautiful and rather delicious cake. (If you're in the Dothan area and in the market for a cake, I can point you in the right direction!)

She made this one to match the invitation!! Brilliant I tell you!

Apparently I managed to take pictures of everything except for the mom-to-be with the hostesses...
It has been a while since we've all hung out, so I'm pretty sure we were all in deep, very important conversation!

First Day of School

Sweet sisters on the first day of 6th Grade (also known as Middle School) and 10th Grade.

This is going to be a great year! As we're already a month in, the ladies have gotten settled into their routine and are enjoying their new teachers and seeing their friends again.

Diva is in denial, but it looks like little sister has out grown her by a smidge!
What do you think?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Telling Others (and type-o's)

**Please note, this was written in several installments and I just don't have the heart to proof read before hitting post. If I took the time to fix it, you'd never get to read it. So here goes...warts and all...**

One of the fun parts of being pregnant is getting to tell the non-suspecting family and friends our good news!
The first to find out were the girls.

As you can see by G's face, she was excited from the very beginning. Diva, however, would not believe that we were telling the truth. (I guess a couple of April Fools jokes will get that reaction.)

So, after producing every ultrasound picture we had AND taking an oath on the Holy Bible, she finally believed us! Both girls are really excited and will only refer to the baby as Sister.

Next on the list we had parents, siblings, and my grandmothers. We had planned a family cook out at our house and telling everyone then, but unforeseen circumstances kept popping up and gradually our attendees were dropping off like flies. Clearly they were unaware of the importance of their presence.

Husband's parents were going out of town for an art show, so we had to catch them before they left. Mimi was thrilled and Grandpa said that he already knew. Hmmm... My parents couldn't come due to a relative that was in the hospital, so we decided to drive up to see them under the disguise of hospital visiting as well. On the way there, the girls drew pictures for them...and I hate it, but I didn't get the first picture of their masterpieces. G's picture to my dad was a drawing of the floor plan of our 1st floor with the word office scratched out and replaced with nursery. Diva's picture to mom was a little stick figure family with my stick person being extremely well-rounded. It took mom forever to realize exactly how to interpret this piece of art. (And then she burst out in tears.) My Dad said that he already knew!  Hmm...our dads and their feelings. Maybe they should give me some lotto numbers! I called my brother to tell him, and about half way through the conversation I had to throw the phone at mom so that I could run to the bathroom.
Oh, yes...the sickness has arrived in full force.

Next on the list: friends and co-workers. I have such a lovely group of co-workers, and most of us have been together since our pre-opening office 4 years ago. They all know me, and my fear of little babies, all too well so I knew I had to capture their reactions on camera!
I put a departmental Facebook photo day on their calendars.
(so they'd at least be dressed all snazzy, right?!)
On said picture day, I said "One...Two...Three...Everyone say Mel's having a baby!!!"

I don't know about you, but I'd say they look pretty surprised. :) Especially the one in pink!!! 

Here are our office Moms-to-be (the one on the right with twins)

**and since this picture was taken in August we've had 2 more office baby announcements! Something is in the water for sure!