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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Vacation

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting for a house update. We have a SLAB! (This is actually an old picture...the porches are now poured AND the framers are working as we speak!) Husband and I met with Team Lee this morning to cover any last minute questions before turning it over to them. The next time I do a house post it will look more like a house!!!

During the summer months, our church hosts Terrific Tuesdays for the kids. The girls were able to join in on the trip to the Biscuits game and we strolled over after work to join them. Big Mo was a sport to autograph t-shirts and pose for a picture.

We had such a wonderful weekend. While the ladies were at Bible School on Saturday and Husband was working on a glass project, I participated in a shower for a wonderful friend. (I wish that I'd taken more pictures of the home we had it in! Amazing! I fell in love with it!!) So many people were able to come. We had a great time and everything was beautiful!

Look at all the fun gifts for the new baby! Check out Mamacita modeling her new diaper bag:

We had a fun Father's Day celebration too. The ladies began the day by surprising their Dad with breakfast and presents in bed although I was forbidden to post that picture due to 'morning hair'. We had lunch with his parent's after church and then spent some much needed time in the pool! Last night we had another celebration for all the family June Birthdays. Sadly, I failed to bring my camera to this occasion, so you'll just have to take my word for it that we all looked amazing and had a blast! :)

Now, wish us safe travels as Husband and I (and several of our friends) head off at 4:30 tomorrow morning for a wedding celebration on the beautiful island of St. John. If you need me I'll be here: 

 or here....

Have a great week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Grandmother's house

Most of you have probably met Little Grandmother. I out grew her when I was in the 5th grade. :)

...and this is Grandmother's house. Just the way I remember it from when I was little. There's the white car that she drove, and if you look closely you can just barely see Dad's old, blue truck. The two trees at the bottom left were perfect for climbing...and please believe that Grandmother has climbed those trees with her grandkids before. The best part about her house is that it is directly across the street from my parent's house. 

The big project for my last visit back home was to take photos at Grandmother's house of the things that I remember most about her house. I thought I'd share a few of those things with you.

This is a photo of Grandmother and my Grandfather that always sat on her bedside table. Isn't she beautiful!?! (No, I'm not picking Grandfather passed away before I was born, but I feel certain that had I gotten the chance to meet him, we would have been quite the pair.)

The thing I remember most about Grandmother's house is a book. Uncle Wiggily and the Littletails. Uncle Wiggily is the old rabbit gentleman famous for such lines as "And in the next story, providing our wash lady doesn’t put my new straw hat in the soap suds, and take all the color out of the ribbon, I’ll tell you about Uncle Wiggily and Fido Flip-Flop," which were at the end of each chapter. My brother was always sick when we were little, and while my parents were with him (in and out of the hospital), I camped out at Grandmother's. We read Uncle Wiggily together so much that I had all the stories memorized. The book once belonged to my Dad and Aunt...and looked like it was well loved by them. (This is not a photo of our book, but one from some old website that sold this book for $130.00!!! Grandmother may regret the fact that she gave it to me!!!)

Another famous past time at Grandmother's was a game of Carrom Rings. We would thump these little rings until we could no longer feel our fingertips! I would also like to note that some of the grown-ups (especially Aunt Amber) were known for cheating!!!

The photo below requires a heavy dose of imagination. This random 'image' in the wood grain used to give me the heebie-geebies when I would spend the night with Grandmother. My 2 year old imagination saw a clown with a tall hat, one huge-Cyclops-like eye, a weird pale nose, a small mouth with a mole above the lip and a very pointy chin.

Could you make that out? No. Oh, one else could either.  On to other things.... Did I mention that Grandmother likes to sew? She made all kinds of things: clothes for her grandkids, quilts...I was always amazed at how fast she could go on that machine. I spent many afternoons listening to the hum of her sewing machine while playing in my own sewing box and making 'pockets.'

This little pin cushion was my favorite. I would use the multicolored pins to create more patterns on her dress.

Grandmother also had a curio cabinet in her living room full of untouchable treasures. One of these treasures was a doll that belonged to her mother. I affectionately named her Ugly Doll.

In my defense, I was a little girl and my dolls (with their long, beautiful, brushable hair) were much prettier. I now appreciate Ugly Doll's inner beauty, and am glad that she was freed from the curio cabinet to a much more appropriate home on Grandmother's dresser.

Grandmother used to wear this bracelet when she was a little girl. When she began to outgrow the bracelet, they cut the back of it so that it could still be worn as a cuff. I thought this was the best treasure because I didn't get to play with it, so that meant it was special!

Grandmother and I had the best time that day snapping pictures and telling stories. We went room by room in her house re-discovering the things that made it Grandmother's house to me. And just when I thought I'd seen everything I needed, Grandmother brought out a surprise....

Her wedding rings!!! Grandmother has tiny little hands with tiny little fingers. I spent my entire childhood playing with her jewelry and wearing her rings because they were 'my size'. How could I have lived 27 years without asking about these rings?!?! And just like that, I was 6 again, asking my Grandmother if I could try them on. If only my camera could capture how beautiful and delicate they really are. Thanks, Grandmother. I had the best day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hometown visit

At Last!!! I've downloaded the pictures from last weekend's adventure to my hometown! It was such a wonderful visit! When we arrived on Friday night, we grabbed Mom and headed over to little Grandmother's house for a delicious meal and a chocolate pie that I didn't have to share with my Dad or Brother. Then we went back to Mom and Dad's house to crash. But not before seeing Gertie!!

She's missed me so much. I feel that if we were in a movie, this reunion would have been depicted in a slow-motion run towards each other.

Saturday morning, Mom, Husband and I went to visit Mowmow in the nursing home. (Thanks for all your prayers! She looks so much better than the last time we saw her!!) She was very chatty and we laughed at  her telling old stories. When we left, we drove over to the 2nd Annual Downtown Street Festival! They had live music, inflatables, various booths, and delicious smelling food. As a bonus, they had HEAT second only to that of the Sahara Desert and humidity like none other! So we immediately ducked into the closest antique store for relief. (Which came in the form of a fan) There I stumbled upon some fun goodies. This was at the front of the store:

I agree. I bet this box is far more valuable than the Twin Grippers it contains.

I also found these! Dishes that remind me of little Grandmother because she had the exact same ones when I was little.

The coolest part of the entire store was waaaay back in the back. Grandma's Antiques used to be the Hardware Store, and the back was just that...The Old Hardware Store! It was like taking a step back in time, as most of the things back there had been untouched since the store closed.  These were the shelves that held small nails, bolts, and other 'hardware' things. 

These were labeled 'points' but I'm not sure what you'd do with them....???

Anyone need some horseshoes?

Just down the street was the Down~Town Barber Shop where my mom's Granddaddy used to work.

The town's claim to fame is that it used to have a doll factory that made the Ella Smith Dolls

In recent years the old Post Office has been converted into a museum to display the history of these dolls as well as other historical items from the town's past. One of those little historical nuggets was an old newspaper from my mom's high school.

Bottom row, left, look familiar to anyone??? (I know she'll love the fact that I've announced that she's Museum Material! Love ya, Mom!!!)

I also got to spend some quality time with this guy.

His mom happens to be one of the best friends I could ask for, and he was so kind as to spend the night with his Granna so that I could spend some time with her at another friend's wedding. We met up with friends that we graduated high school with almost 10 years ago.

But now we're grown up...more mature...we have jobs...and families....responsibilities....

Well, clearly some of us are still working on the 'more mature' part! :)

There were several other friends from high school there that I got to see too! It was a much needed night of dancing, reminiscing, and laughing with people that I don't get to see often enough!

And unless the salt shaker and the sugar bowl run off together to Timbuktu, I will tell you next time about Uncle Wiggily and the Littletails.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to Prank the Plumber

Step 1.) Go to local Wal-Mart and purchase a black rubber snake.
Step 2.) Paint stripes on black rubber snake with a gold paint pen.
Step 3.) Ignore the fact that said snake has a really fake cobra head.

Step 4.) Hide snake where Plumber will be working the next day.

Step 5.) Be sure to hide really fake cobra head in the dirt.

Step 6.) Evil laugh as you document steps 6.
Step 7.) Give yourself a pat on the back for being a genius.
Step 8.) Wait for Plumber to call Husband.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2 years and counting

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the day that I married this man.

Everything about that weekend was absolutely perfect and such a wonderful beginning of our lives together.

It was the most gorgeous day at such an amazing location. (This was also the place where he proposed!)  We got married underneath these old oak trees with a nice breeze coming off the bay.

You may have recognized those windows from the Blog's Title. Sweet Husband made those especially for our wedding day and our wedding date is made into the bottom of the center window. These windows are now hanging in our house and will have a special place in our new home. He also made our cake topper...let me show you.

I am so blessed to be a part of this family and cannot imagine my life without these three!

We have had so much fun over the past two years, and I look forward to all of the adventures that are to come....