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Friday, August 15, 2014

The baby chicks

Earlier this summer, we took a field trip to see Uncle Todd and Krystal's new baby chicks! 

This was also a brand new chicken house with the first flock of chickens, so this trip was well played on my part!!  :)

Smalls and I had never been in a chicken house before and we were amazed at just how many babies could fit in there! 
AND this was just half of the house!

The sound of thousands of little peeps sweetly filled the room as they scurried away from us and fought over tiny bits of paper. They were pretty entertaining to watch! 

Smalls finally got up the courage to hold one.

They were all so stinkin' cute, 

but she really liked the pink ones! 

The baby chicks now have a regular spot on her night-time prayer list! 

It is hard to imagine that when it is finally time to say good-bye to the chicks, that you won't be able to see the ground at all! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

That's my baby

My baby girl is not such a baby anymore. 

I've chosen to ignore the signs... losing the paci, walking, converting the crib to a toddler bed, potty training, and even growing enough hair to have her first pig tails.

This, however, is a sign that cannot be ignored.

That's right! Smalls got her ears pierced! 

She picked out a pair of fabulous Hello Kitty studs and was pretty content as long as she had her blue sucker. 

Then came the death-grip-mega-hold that I had to put her in to ensure that she didn't wiggle when it was go-time. She was not a fan of that. But those ladies double teamed her and it was over in less than a second. They are ear piercing rock stars in my book!

Then my sweet baby cried "They hurted me!" 
(Now that broke my heart and only then did I stop to question whether or not it was too early for earrings.) 

Despite that look on my face!

Smalls LOVED her new earrings and was excited to be a big girl and have ears like her big sisters!

Then Husband treated us all to pretzel bites and a smoothies before we headed home.

This whole week, she's been showing and telling anyone that will listen about her new earrings! She just looks and acts so grown-y now! 
Sigh....I guess it's time to retire the name Smalls....

Monday, August 11, 2014

Just a little sistahood

This July, I had the opportunity to join some pretty fabulous ladies in Orlando for the Chi Omega National Convention. 

I'm not going to lie...I did not want to go. Summer had been a blur so far, and we had just returned from a 6 hour car ride (read: 10 hour trip with a potty training 2 year-old) for a family wedding. But I sucked it up and went.

I'm sooooo glad that I did!!!
It was one of the most inspiring trips that I've ever been on! Just 15 minutes into our first session and we were getting advice from a former National president. Everywhere we turned were the most amazingly accomplished women...and we all shared this common bond of sisterhood. 

AND Disney! (well, about 5 hours of Disney...but we did get to ride Space Mountain, so it counts!)

I seriously did not feel worthy to be in the same room with such fabulous and successful women! 

 We learned so much to bring back to our own chapter, and left pumped up to come home and take on the Fall Semester! 

And just a few short weeks later, I met up with some other dear friends in Atlanta for a reunion weekend for Troy Chi O's. What should have been a quick 3 hour road trip turned into a 7 hour adventure, and quite possibly landing Kim on a "People of Walmart" slideshow somewhere. 

Saturday morning, we all gathered at a Sips and Strokes for lunch and to show off our creative sides. 

The blondes v. the brunettes! 

There was a really good turn out and pledge classes ranged from the early 80's to 2013! 

Believe it or not, we were all trying to paint the same picture! 

The real secret to these paintings is the mimosas! 

For some reason, I can't get this picture to rotate properly, so here is your neck exercise for the day! 
Tilt to the right

After painting, the reunion continued as we headed out to a cool tapas restaurant for dinner. 

The goal for the weekend was to get this group picture in the next issue of our National magazine.
 I'll let ya know how that goes :) 

A few of us even ventured out on the town after dinner to relive our glory days and dance our toenail polish off! A good time was had by all and I am incredibly thankful to have had a much needed weekend with my girls! You guys are good for my soul!