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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas already?

Not sure about you guys, but Christmas seems to have completely snuck up on me this year. My mother in law says 'welcome to open house' season with this family. And I guess that's true. We were all so busy preparing to open the Glass Studio that Thanksgiving was a blur and Christmas is next week and I haven't even started shopping!

Truth be told, we just got our tree last week and, due to a nasty bug that plagued our house for over a week, we just decorated said tree tonight! (oh, yeah! I've really got it all together!) 

Santa made a pit stop in Troy this weekend, so Mom-of-the-Year here woke baby girl up from her nap to get her dressed to go see him. 

She MAY....

...or may not...

...have liked the jolly old elf. 

And since I'll most likely not make it back before the end of the year, here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

T-R (whoop! whoop!)....

...and if you know how to finish this cheer, then most likely you attended the great TROY University or are at least a fan of the Trojans!

This little cheerleader donned her winter gear to brave the unexpected chill and cheered for the Trojans at Homecoming. First things first...meeting T. Roy! (she LOVED him and was not scared in the least!)

In years past, we've tailgated with the Walker family, and they go all out! There is always plenty of room under their tent, they've never met a stranger, and they try to feed the entire stadium! Well, this year, Miss Mommy had some health issues that we thought might keep her from even attending the game, but the tent for sure was out.  

Or so they thought! HA HA!

This sneaky group...
...rolled out the grills and surprised them with a tent to call home! 

Needless to say, it was quite the surprise and a good time was had by all!!! 
(some we knew and some we didn't :)

Tailgating was right up my girl's alley! She smiled and waved at everyone that walked by!

I'm pretty impressed that, with all the gear I had to pack that day, I actually remembered to bring my camera!

This little girl also clapped for everyone and at everything! She definitely knows what 'YAY!' means! 

She even got to attend her first Trojan Walk with Unca Jon. 
(and was more impressed with his name tag than she was the football team)

These two get full credit for organizing the gang and pulling off the surprise. Funny was just last Homecoming that we met this fella for the first time. Who knew...? ;)

And seeing my college friend was the absolute best! This girl and I have had some great times together...swaps, socials, yoga class, many walks and each others' weddings....and now we're certain our babies are destined to be best friends and college roommates! Housing to be paid for by my Hubs if they got to Troy and her Hubs if they go to Auburn :) 

They really don't stand a chance! :)

I envision many pictures in front of these letters for these little ones!

After the game (that I'll confess we didn't actually ever go into! *gasp*) the group migrated to Aunt Vickie's house to cozy up to the fire pit with a nice cup of joe. 

...and had our own private concert later dubbed 'Sipper Live.'

There may or may not be a video of this posted somewhere....