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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Deep breath in...Deep breath out...
Here goes.

My kids eat  Pop Tarts or Mini Muffins for breakfast...on the regular. I could offer to make eggs, toast, or even bake real muffins, and they still prefer the fake stuff! It's easy, especially if I haven't had my coffee yet, so sure! Muffins for everyone!  They've been known to have Lunchables for lunch and gummies for snacks too. 

 Now, I try to do pretty good for dinner. You know... baked chicken, steamed veggies, cut out the bread...etc.  My dinners won't win any culinary awards, but they're not fried so that's healthy, right?

Gasp! Let the judging begin!

 Well, lately, I've felt the Lord talking to me about what I'm allowing my family to eat. Let's pause to remember that I came into this family six years ago, so basic grocery list favorites had already been established. Weight has never been a struggle for me (thanks super high metabolism!) so I've never really watched what I ate either.  Maybe it is because I have more time to think about what I'm putting in the pantry/freezer, or maybe a lot of this is coming about because of Smalls? I mean, its not fair to her to have health issues later because she's starting to eat the same junk we were eating before she got here. Regardless, I hear ya Lord!!

 Now what am I going to do about it!?!

So, today, I sat down at the computer to search some 'cleaner' eating options and healthier recipes!
...and this happened!

Just keepin' it real. 
Clearly I'm in need of prayers!